Why Do You Want This Job?

When we're looking for a new job, sometimes we get carried away and apply to several just to see what happens. We're told to cast a wide net right? Well sometimes that leads to an interview that you didn't fully expect, and you're going to be asked what should be an obvious question, why do you want this job? Maybe that's not you, maybe this is the one and only job you applied for and you have a clear understanding of why you want this job, but that still might not be enough to this interview question well. The first thing you'll want to hit on why you applied to THIS job at THIS company, rather than anywhere else.

The answer to “why do you want this job” is to let the interviewer know that this is the job that you sought out, not just one of 30 other jobs you pulled off indeed. They need to know that there’s something about this job that interests you and made you pick it out of the hundreds of other jobs that you could have applied to.

Why have you always wanted to work at this company? why do you love the company culture? Who do you know that works here and has convinced you to come aboard? This is your opportunity to make them feel special, like they're not one of three other interviews this week.

Talking about why you are interested in the company and the position is just the warmup though. If they were going to hire a person because they liked the company, they’d hire every candidate. You also need to sprinkle in that what you REALLY WANT is to add value to this company. You can honestly use some of the same lines from your hard sell:

“From my understanding, the candidate you’re looking for to fill this job role needs to be resourceful, motivated, and a quick learner, which are all skills that I’ve demonstrated within my current job position and that I would be looking forward to improve upon in this new role”

The trick here when answering the question of why YOU want the job, is to convince them that you don't just want to work here, but that what YOU WANT is to add value to a company that you’re proud of, in an industry that you’re passionate about.

We need to convince them that our interests are aligned, and that by you getting what you want, they will also be getting what they want, and that is somebody who is skilled, will add continuous value to the team, and will be a leader in the company. Convince them of this, and you’re sure to stand out among the other candidates when answering this interview question.

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