How Did You Hear About This Job?

Today we’ll be going over the interview question, “How did you hear about this job opening”.

You may or may not even get this interview question. It pops up from time to time, but really it’s a softball question. Nine times out of ten, the answer to “how did you hear about this job opening” is just going to be “uhm, I don't know… Google?”. It’s never going to be

that you were checking out the classifieds in your local newspaper and this role really stood out, or at least most of the time. If that’s you, cool, but if you just jumped online and searched “I want a job” then keep reading.

So why are they even really asking this question? What do they care where you found the job posting? Do they want to know if it was LinkedIn or Indeed? What they want to hear is that this isn't just one of 50 job applications that you applied for using the “quick apply” feature from an online job board.


You want to get the point across that this isn't just A job you’re applying for, it’s THE job that you consciously sought out and is a perfect fit for you.

This question is actually a great opportunity to show that you’ve done some research on the company. Take this chance to discuss how much you like this company. What you’ve read and heard about the company culture, maybe you know people who work at this company and encouraged you to join. The whole point here is that YOU sought out THIS COMPANY and THIS JOB in particular.


This doesn't need to be a long response, nor should it based on the limited scope of the question, but every question is an opportunity to sell yourself in some way, and if they ask this question, use it as such. A quick example of this type of response might be:

“I had always heard that this company was one of the best companies to work for, and actually know a few people who have worked here and they were always talking about how great the company culture was. During my research I discovered that it is also actually the leading brand in the area that I was looking to pursue. When I saw that I knew I had to check out the available positions, and when I did I found this job role that is a perfect fit for what I’m looking for, and where I think my next step lies in my career path.”

This simple answer that shows we’ve researched this company, that we’re interested in this job role, and that we consciously went out of our way to apply to this job position, rather than it just popping up on our “recommended jobs” feed on LinkedIn.


Questions like this are great opportunities to show the interviewees how interested you are in this job, which is just one of the many things you’ll need to impress upon the interviewer if you want the job, but it’s just one of the many questions you’ll get throughout your interview process. To learn about ALL of the questions you’ll get at your next interview, be sure to check out my other articles, or better yet, subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch my 'Interview Preparation Playlist' that includes all of my interview question breakdown videos that I’ve released so far.

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